Stories of Lives Rescued, Restored and Rebuilt

Path of Life 2013 Honorees

October 2, 2013—

At the 2nd annual Sheltering HeARTS fundraising gala last month, three of our most outstanding volunteers were honored for their commitment to Path of Life. Using their own unique talents, each honoree significantly contributed to our vision of a whole, healthy… [Continue Reading]

Sheltering HeARTS

July 24, 2013—

The Sheltering Hearts committee and Leadership Riverside, Class of 2012, cordially invite you to join us on Saturday, September 14th, 2013, at the 2nd annual Sheltering Hearts gala event. Come for a spectacular evening of inspiration, entertainment, performance… [Continue Reading]

Kids of Promise Talent Show

April 30, 2013—

In this month’s newsletter, some of our youngest guests show off their special skills in a recent “Kids of Promise” Talent Show. Tracy and Kristle Bulleman–the program’s director–talk about the kids, discovering their… [Continue Reading]

Path of Life’s Pet Pals

March 26, 2013—

In this month’s newsletter, Tracy introduces two of our guests: Desarae and her dog, Chiquita. After learning about Path of Life’s pet kennel accommodations, Desarae saw our shelter program as the perfect opportunity to rebuild her life while still… [Continue Reading]

Fund A Family

March 26, 2013—

Have you ever given money to a homeless person and wondered how much of a difference it really made? In this video, Tracy discusses a way of giving that maximizes your contribution to make a practical, long-lasting impact on homeless families in need: Fund A Family.… [Continue Reading]

Victor’s Story: A Journey to Redemption

January 29, 2013—

Victor Beecham is a true example of God’s grace through hopeless situations. After a life of drugs and gangs, he gave his life to God and wanted to make a true change. By working with Path of Life Ministries, he was able to turn his life around and fulfill his dreams… [Continue Reading]